Americans Are Getting Super Sized



Giant portions unhealthy and add calories but not nutrition.

Businesses are reporting more Americans are sampling healthy eating options. A new study reports that almost two-thirds of U.S. adults consider themselves healthy eaters.  One indication of changing grocery cart contents was reported in the annual survey of American Eating Trends.  The number of Americans reporting they are buying more fruit increased last year, reversing a 14-year decline.  If America is eating healthier, why is it getting fatter? Many dieticians and nutritionists are pointing to portion size as a key reason more people are becoming super-sized. 

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Internet Attracting Health Seeking Searchers, Cyberchondriacs

Health site visitors and interest up

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Searching the Internet for health and wellness information has hit a new high. The group sometimes referred to as “cyberchondriacs” at one end of the interest scale and “wellness watchers” at the other end now totals 136 million people, a 16 percent increase from last year. 

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