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Coupons and couponing are a fact of business life. Over the weekend, noticed that a national grocery chain had a new display sign that proclaims, "Couponers Welcome.A predictable part of the grocery store checkout process is the question, "Any coupons or school cards?" 

       Save Money Steps      You've seen them everywhere but are afraid that if you clip one or two out of your Sunday newspaper or print some off your computer you'll be giving in to an obsession and eventually wind up on one of those cable TV shows about extremes. Here are some tips on how not to lose control, but as a professional, to use coupons to your advantage.   You can calmly maintain control of your personal finances without being featured as a maniacal real-life TV personality.

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Internet Sales Record Holiday Set


It seems this year that online retailers saw a significant spike in sales online on “Cyber Monday” this year spending $733 million making it the first time a single day of online retail spending broke the $700 million threshold.  That makes it a 17-percent gain from last year’s totals and an 84-percent increase from normal daily online spending from the four previous weeks.


With the internet being the choice of the future for consumers during the holiday season, we saw a 38-percent increase in the number of people shopping online.  Also, more people visited online retailers on Cyber Monday (32.5 million) than stores on Black Friday (28.8 million).

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Business Facts Holiday Retail Shopping

From browsing to buying, the Internet plays a larger role than ever in holiday shopping. Shoppers, who are expected to spend at least  $791.10 each this year on holiday merchandise, will use the Internet for an average of one-fourth (28.9%) of their shopping. 



Though nearly half (47.1%) of consumers plan to make at least one holiday purchase online this year, up from 36.0 percent from a few years ago, many will also use the Internet to browse before heading to stores to buy. According to the survey, most consumers (88.7%) regularly or occasionally examine products on the Internet before buying in a store.

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Shoppers Saving Time and Money


{mosimage}Before we "shop ‘til we drop," we search.  Whether due to high gas prices, shrinking personal time, or the Internet's daily inclusion in our lives, a recent study revealed that over 90 percent of adults regularly research products, services, and brands online before buying them. We might say shoppers are saving two critical life elements  - time and money - by spending some pre-shopping time online. 

Research To Purchase Facts

Adults Who Regularly Search Before Purchase

92 percent


50.8 percent search before this purchase


31.9 percent search before this purchase


27.0 percent search before this purchase

Source RAMA - Retail Advertising And Marketing Association

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